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Double Skin Roofing & Cladding

A double skin facade is a procedure used in construction and architecture for improving durability and all around attributes of the building by creating a wall within a wall (a building within a building). With respect to reduction energy consumption and protection against the weather and to aid in heat distribution for cost effective environmental control in a construct.

The heat distribution wasn't just intended to be for spreading heat throughout the building but also to optionally, depending on the architecture, send the heat out of the building in environments with high temperatures.

With double skin roofing and cladding, you can prioritise the maximising of daylight in cold weather and rely on good ventilation during hot weather. Double skin facades offer a range of benefits: a thermal buffer zone, practical heat distribution, fire protection, energy savings and sound proofing. From a design and aesthetics standpoint, double skins offer a great deal of choice and possibility. Double skins are worth investigating. Contact us today for more information on our double skin technology on offer and how it can aid your engineering and architectural projects.

With a range of materials available through Rhino Steel Cladding, we can cater to all structural environments and offer a comprehensive pricing structure enabling you to order loads and bulk materials, cladding and more.