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Over Roofing Sheets

Our Tile Effect, Corrugated and Box Profile Steel roofing sheets are ideal for over cladding / over-roofing old fragile roofs, such as leaking felt roofs, fragile porous fibre cement sheets also old steel sheeting.

An ideal application is where the cost of removal and disposal of the existing roof will be extremely high, as often found with old asbestos roofs. This is a fast, cost-effective way of fitting a new roof over the old one.

Add value to your old buildings without great expense.

Please contact our sales office for more information regarding this process

  • minimal installation costs
  • no planning required
  • easy and quick to install
  • minimal extra weight (lightweight steel top sheet)
  • minimal disturbance to existing roof
  • reduced heating costs (due to insulation)
  • no asbestos handling
  • externally fixed- no disturbance to occupants/tenants.